Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, Same Old!

So it turns out, buying a dust buster that picks up pet hair is not an excuse to get a puppy.
So, for the new year, here's some awesome stuff to come outta too-tho'sand-n-ate:
The new Shiny Toy Guns C.D.
(Now I have to get them to sign this case someday to match the first one)
The new Death Cab for Cutie C.D.
A commercial release, but it was really good.
Twilight (the movie)
It was not nearly as lousy as I expected!
Twilight (the books)
I read these in January, the first three anyway. The 4th came in August, and promptly sucked. I doubt I will ever reread anything but a few passages from it.
I was going to wait to get one, but the more I saw Little Big Planet, the more I wanted. So I got.
No regrets!
Visting Kentucky/Ohio/Indiana
It was a fun trip. People are so nice & chill back there. Also it was nice not to feel like I had to wear Prada to the gast station, like I feel here. But son't get me wrong, I love my SLC!
The babies!
Two of my dear friends had babies this year! Both girls! GOOOOOOooooo Team G!
Starting the Band
Although this happened at the very end of the year, it still happened.
And there were just these little moments--camping at Goblin Valley, playing Rock Band with friends, the garden, the pictures, Wall-E, Summer Games, and so forth.
Oh yea, and some guy is the new president.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cork It!

So I went to Kentucky & the surrounding area.
It was fun!

Anyway, I want to punch people in the face.
Mostly people like this:
"I'm such a HUGGGEEEE nerd! Can anyone explain Harry Potter to meeeeee? I love him SOOO MUCH! But why did Snape hate Harry, like, so bad?"
or a little of this:
Seriously, people, you suck!
Quit insulting the title of geek, nerd, dork, and weiner.
Well, you can have weiner. I'll give you that.

Anyway, onto Harry Potter!
Anyway, come on, people, it's been out for a year. You can't read 78% of wikipedia articles without having some sort of Harry Potter spoiler in said article(s).
I'm going through Deathly Hallows again. I'm still super sad at Dobby's death. So sweet and nole for a little guy to save the whole freaking day. And what about that Snape? That's hot, yo. I had forgotten how Wormtail died, and I remarked to Daniel:
"He died how he lived--forgettably."
And Voldie, Voldie, Voldie. Dude! Seriously. You're not attractive. Can't whip up some sort of hair or something for yourself? Maybe, I dunno, a NOSE? Also, power is overrated. I mean seriously, what do you do? Just like, sit around all day? Playstations don't work in your world. Is there wizarding karoke? Is there some sort of Japanese wizarding anime that gets like transported from moving pictures they've drawn? Wizard Chess, Exploding Snap, and Wizard Chess sound kicin', but seriously, don't you ever just wanna kick it with Hi-Ho Cherry-O? Ride a tandem bike? I mean, what would you do? You gotta tell everyne what to do and all that jazz. No thanks, man! I'm too lazy for power. Find yourself some other sucka.
Not that you really asked me anyway, but o.k..

We went to Target yesterday. We got the slim PS2 with the singstar game for $120! YAY! I've been playing it non-stop. I excel at "Chasing Cars", "Baby, One More Time", and "You're Beautiful". I'm getting better at "Feel Good, Inc.". I want to get more them now, though. It's like Guitar Hero. You're insta-hooked!

Also at Target I tried a "Choxie" chocolate bar, but check it--it was creme brulee truffle! Oh my gosh! It was like a little bit of fluff from Heaven had been shoved into a little block of milky choco. It was, in a word, acceptable.

I also went to Sanrio for freakin' sweet Hello Kitty baking gear. It was probably the best thing ever. Not really. not even close. But it was, in a word, uncrappy.

Perhaps, I, dare say, neat?

I can't believe it's almost October. It was 91 yesterday. I was thinking "We can swim any day in November." Almost every moment in my life can be summed up by a song lyric, Simpsons quote, Catcher in the Rye reference, or photo. It is, in a word, fluffy puff marshmallows.

Speaking of photos! I named my studio! We're ordering business cards (well, I am, since I have a few gigs coming up), so fancy that, huh? It is, in a word, butterflies.

Also, I want to declare my undying love for Sackboy.
I love you, Sackboy.
I UNDYINGLY love you, Sackboy!
It is, in a word, undyingly.

This was a pretty random rambling.

Now, who wants some Hello Kitty shaped cupcakes?
They are, in a word, cupcakes.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greatness All Around

So I've been having a good time.
Mexican Coke is so awesome!
Scones are awesome!
New lenses are awesome!
Especially when they're Nikon 70-300mm telephotos.
Oh my, yes!
So--show this Saturday!
Seriously Evan is having a paty for their CD Release.
Support your local scene!
Has anyone played Kurupoto?
I bought because the packaging was adorable!
For $10, I wasn't expecting much.
And while it's fairly short & sweet, it's cute.
I also bought Barnyard Blast simply for the packaging.
A Badass Piglet?!
Can I get a heck YES?
I like make-up.
Even thought I hardly ever wear it.
But seriously, I have so much Hard Candy.
Urban Decay.
Too Faced.
It's nuts!
But I seriously love knowing I can wear glitter from head to toe.
Have my eyelids as green as grass.
Eyelashes as blue as my car.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Time for m.f.t.!
meme fun times
Shall we gooooo?
001. What is user / screen name? onestrangekitten & starspunkle& robozippy
002. How old are you? 28
003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace?,,
004. Where are you right at this moment? north end of the living room
005. Choose 5 words to describe yourself: whimsical,
006. Do you smoke? nopes, I like smelling nice.
007. Do you drink? This question is so stupid. I'm assuming it's asking about liquor, right? Not water or kool-aid or ovaltine? If my hunch is correct, and you know it is, I would say no.
008. Do you swear? Yea, but it's something I hold in around the more conservative crowds!
009. Do you have low self-esteem? It's a happy medium.
010. Do you get online a lot? Yes.
011. Do you like taking pictures? Yes.
012. Do you like to have your picture taken? Sometimes.
013. Would you ever date someone 5-10 yrs younger than you? I dunno. I like people, not their ages.
014. Would you ever date someone 5-10 yrs older than you? Again, people not age.
15. Do you think you're weird or normal? I FEEL normal, but I KNOW I'm weird.
016. What do you like least about your body? It's limitations due to gravity.
017. What do you like most about your body? It's ability to jump.
018. Has there ever been a rumor spread about you? I dunno, prolly!
019. Do you prefer to hang out with one friend or a group of friends? A little of both is great!
020. Who knows the most about you? Daniel.
021. Who do you trust the most with your secrets? Daniel. Good thing he was the anwser to 20.
022. Name one person whose arms you feel safe in: Daniel's. I can fall sleep in no time flat!
Have you ever?
023. Been in love? Yes!
024. Had your heart broken? Yea, but no biggie. They heal!
025. Spun until you were so dizzy you couldn't walk? All the freakin' time.
026. Screamed so much you lost your voice? Yes!
027. Done something extremely unexpected? I think, I tend to do strange things anyway.
028. Been caught doing something you weren't supposed to be doing? All the time. It comes with doing unexected things.
029. Been called a tease? Of course.
030. What is your biggest fear? Being held in by fear.
031. What was your scariest dream? I used ot have a reoccuring one when I was a kid about the fan blades.
032. What was your best dream? Th eone I'm living!
033. What is your greatest strength? Making things funny?
034. Do you have any bad habits? Yup!
035. Do you think life has been good to you so far? Yes. It's up to me to be happy, to have a good life. You make the best of where you are, what you have, and make your own surprises, and share them with others. You make your life happy, and you spread it around, and eventually everyone's living alright.
036. Do you have any piercings? Yup.
037. What does your underwear look like? Panties? I have a lot of underpants, you guys. It's madness.
Which do you prefer?
038. Jeans or dress? jeans
039. Pizza or pasta? pasta, usually.
040. Rich or happy? HAPPY!
041. Shower or bath? Showers, usually.
042. Family or friends? Family, usually, but in small doses. friends are easier, 'cause you can kick them out and they're usually cool with that.
043. Kiss or hug? HUGS! But they're both awesome!
044. Bright or dark room? dark
045. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla!
046. Laugh out loud or chuckle quietly? laugh out loud, I can't laugh quietly, really.
047. Foreign movies....dubbed or subtitled? It really depends, sometimes I would rather watch the artwork (i.e. anime) than really follow a storyline.
048. Last furry thing you touched?I was laying on the carpet a second ago.
049. Song you listened to? "Don't Cry Out" by Shiny Toy Guns
050. Last person you talked to on the phone today? I think it was Daniel (I called him at work to see if he was ready for lunch).
051. Watched on TV? Simspons. There was a line that cracked me up. Homer calls Selma to get her help in making Apu a legal citizen (by marrying him). It went something like this:
Homer (calls Selma):Hello, Selma?
Selma my dear, how are you?
...Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
Listen, shut up for a second.
052. Compliment you received? "You dazzle." In fact, I just barely got that one. It's pretty sweet, and reminds me of Edward Cullen.
053. What are your first thoughts waking up? "Cupcakes and seahorses, and hee hee"
054. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? A big ol mix of colors, that colors in rainbows. Or green.
055. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Face!
056. Are you too shy to ask someone out? No! I mean I don't have to romantically, but I ask friends to do stuff all the time!
057. Most memorable experience with a friend? I married my best one.
058. Do you believe in soulmates? Yes, but I think people have more than one. At least seven.
059. Do you think that it's possible your heart doesn't give you a choice with whom it falls in love? Sure. It's an organ deep in my chest. I'm not really sure what it's up to most of the time.
060. What is something about you that people would be surprised to know? Usually my age.
061. What is one thing you've learned about yourself in the last year or so? I am a girl who really sticks to her guns.
Anyway, Saturday is gonna be a blast!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Senora has Ideas, Sir!

Well, I saw "The Dark Knight".
It was horrible!
Downright smelly.
There was no Harry Potter teaser trailer AT ALL!
Even though certain websites had led me to believe that it would, in fact, be playing with Batman.
And never mind that I watched the twenty three second trailer about seven times last night.
And never mind that it consists only of a black screen with a Dumbledore voiceover and strains of the familiar theme playing at the end.
And never mind that I saw one for Terminator 4.
I wanted some of everyone's sparkling headmaster!
No, not Sam the Eagle from "Muppet's Christmas Carol".
Oh well.
However, the film itself was most excellent, and everything you've heard already is true. Seriously one of the best movies ever to come out.
Did I like it better than Wall-E?
I don't know!
I do love me some Gary Oldman screentime, ya'll.
And Heath Ledger.
He understood his character so well.
My favorite line in the entire movie was a simple "Yea" muttered by The Joker.
I won't spoil it for you, you'll know it when you see it.
Jack Nicholson (the comparisons are inevitable) was just sorts being, well, Jack Nicholson.
And I was trying really hard to like Tim Burton's movies better than these, too.
But I can't buy X-Files tickets yet.
We're going on Friday since Saturday is going to be about 15 hours of volunteer time for me.
No kidding.
It's gonna WROK!

And check out what I got at the grocery store last night.
For fifty cents!
Official licensed Nintendo Animal Crossing Netsukes.
Oh my yes.
The really weird thing went down like this, though, you guys.
I got four quarters from the cashier.
I approached the machine and see a display of all the different ones you can get.
Being as I can only get two, I turn to Daniel and say
"I hope I get the pink girl & K.K. Slider!"
Woah, you guys.
Like, woah!

Animal Crossing Netsukes

NYT Article About Calories or something.
I cracked up when they talked to the "astrologer".
I'm going to make up some weird profession
("Hello! I'm Sharann Hansen, I'm a Helicopter.")
when I give interviews from now on.
I wish someone would interview me.
About seahorses.
Otter pops.
Snowflakes stuck on windows!
Soap bubbles?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Flickr Meme

(Thanks to Janine)
Flickr Meme
How it works:
a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into a Flickr search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into the Mosaic Maker.
The Questions:
1. First name?
2. Favorite food?
3. High school you attended?
4. Favorite color?
5. Celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One word to describe you.
12. Your Flickr name.

Blogspot Mosiac!

1. Girl Getting Bitterer, 2. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios!, 3. Rust, 4. ♫ YO Yo yo, there's no place like a green penthouse... so i told the genie i wanted to be well hung. ^o^ ♫ nah... wildlife from singapore♫, 5. Gaspard Ulliel - Vanidad magazine, 6. Ice Kold Kool-Aid, 7. Ladybug, 8. My favourite foods (1/12 scale dollhouse miniatures), 9. bless from above, 10. Step by step… steadily ♫♫, 11. whimsical treat, 12. Straight

I'm in there twice, yes.
Not only is my real name strange, but so is my flickr name.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


For those of you in Salt Lake City, I offer a valuable tip:
Seriously, it was the suck.
And this poor guy was stuck trying to get these other two idiotettes ro do something properly.
Good for you, guy at Subway!
Also, hate is hate, people.
Living in Utah doesn't mean bashing on Mormons is o.k..
If you're that unhappy, there's 49 other states available.
Enough already.
Let's see...
I'm in love with the Wrinkle of Time books.
I kinda picked up a Wrinkle in Time because I'd been meaning to for awhile, and being as I'd rather buy a book for a validation than pay a lousy dollar for using a crummy parking space, I got it.
Then the second a week later.
Then the rest of them on July 4th.
I really should thank my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Keithly for introducing me to it.
Although, at the time, I wasn't quite smart enough to "get" it.
But I got enough that it stayed with me for 17 years.
Seriously, Madeline L'Engle was the awesome.
Also, Hot Topic is irritating.
"Hey look at us, we have Domo-Kun! We're so hip and up on the latest trends!"
Yea, from six years ago, Hot Topic.
I also find it funny that they have a whole collection of eco-friendly items,
all lined up among consumer-friendly useless things that everyone MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW!
It's so republican.
I did however, get some jeans at Urban (Outfitters).
They're pretty cute!
The video for "Cath..." is still pretty sad.
I was hoping she would go for her true love, but, oh well!
This is an emoticon equation for how it makes me feel:
:/ + :) (?) - :) = :.(
I got a new lens.